• KG Graduation Day -01.04.17


  • Build a sound foundation upon which children achieve their potential
  • Encourage them to explore, experiment and express.
  • Stimulate thinking and learning through varied experiences.
  • Provide emotional stability for children to learn with confidence.
  • Nurture children in traditional values.
  • Develop initiative and enthusiasm for work.
  • Be a living, vibrant and integral part of the community.
  • Inculcate the VRUKSHA Core Values.

Vruksha Vidyaashram is a day school established by Sanjeevani welfare Society headed by philanthropist Dr. G. Velmurugan. The academic and advisory board of the school comprises of highly educated , proficient, socially reputed and responsible citizens. Vruksha Vidhyaashram  is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. Central Board of School Education until the secondary level. From our progressive educational approach to the commitment and passion in our teachers, the atmosphere at Vruksha Vidyaashram is community centric, and stimulates confidence, thought, self-discipline, and the harnessing of creative energies.

At Vruksha Vidyaashram, we believe in the holistic development of our students. It’s because we see education not just as a means of livelihood but as a mode of enriching the quality of life. We teach each student to value life as a gift and education as means of living it. It’s what will hold then in good-stead, long after they leave us. So, for every student of ours, champ or scholar, an opportunity at hand would mean a gift that they have been earning all their life – The gift of true heritage.

We also believe in providing a vibrant curriculum which must reflect on shifting our knowledge that is becoming obsolete or redundant and bring each of our student into the realm of coexistence with the immediate and future environs. We impart world class education that shall foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health, social consciousness and concern for our heritage in each of our student.


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